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Tuition, Fees and Parent Obligations

As outlined in our Preschool Program section, TCP offers 3 different classes:

FALL 2023-2024 School Year

  • Tuesday/Thursday AM – 2 Day Class - $185 per month (for nine months)

  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday AM – 3 Day Class - $240 per month (for nine months)

  • Monday/Wednesday/Thursday PM – 3 Day Class - $240 per month (for nine months

Registration fee of $100 plus first month's tuition due at time of enrollment.


Materials Fee of $130 due with Registration Packet.


Extended Day Fee:

  • $15 per day, per child due at sign-up for current members


A portion of our tuition fees include professional housekeeping service and photographs of your child taken by the class photographer throughout the year.


There is a 10% discount for additional siblings enrolled in the preschool program. This discount does not apply to Parent/Toddler Program.


Parent Obligations

Because TCP is a cooperative preschool, member families are required to give of their time and skills throughout the year. Without dedicated parent participation, our school cannot function and, at the time of enrollment, parents must agree to several obligations along with payment of monthly tuition.


Obligations include (but are not limited to):

  • Attendance at monthly parent meeting (first Tuesday evening of the month). These meetings serve to provide communication with members as well as to educate and inform as per our state licensing requirement.

  • Attendance at Orientation and walk-throughs prior to start of school.

  • Work in classroom on scheduled days

  • Contribute classroom snack periodically throughout school year

  • Work at least three Extended Day sessions

  • Serve on one of the school committees

  • Participate in scheduled fundraisers including, but not limited to, annual Garage Sale and Spring Special Event

  • Act as a driver and/or chaperone for field trips as needed

  • Care for a classroom pet at least two weekends per year

  • Participate in Dad's Work Day

  • Work two special events


Official Handbook

To download the most up-to-date version of the TCP handbook including all policies, procedures and obligations, please click on the above paper clip.

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