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Parent/Toddler Program

For nearly 30 years, TCP has offered a program specifically targeted at toddlers who are too young for our preschool program but are aged over 1 year, 9 months (21 months) in September (age 2 by the end of the calendar year). This class is designed so that toddlers may experience an introduction to the preschool environment in a fun, safe and developmentally appropriate setting under the guidance of our teacher, while being "shadowed" by their own parent or grandparent.


Our Parent/Toddler Program is designed to be a stepping stone toward enrollment in our Preschool Program. Your child will benefit from bonds formed during "parallel play" as toddlers, often transitioning into long-lasting friendships in the preschool classroom.

With a maximum class size of 16, children are exposed to art, music, storytelling, small and large motor development activities, and are given opportunities for group play and games. One parent's attendance is mandatory for each class and many of the activities are designed to encourage parent and child to sing, dance, explore, learn and laugh together. Parents take turns signing-up to provide a nutritious, age-appropriate snack for each class meeting.

Classes are offered in 10 week sessions throughout the normal school year. Occasionally,
shorter sessions are offered in conjunction with holidays or as time in the annual calendar provides.


Our Teacher

Ms. Lynelle is our amazing Parent/Toddler teacher. To learn more about Lynelle, you can read her bio here.


Class Times 

Select one time from the following:

  • Tuesday 9:00-10:30am

  • Wednesday 9:00-10:30am

  • Wednesday 12:00-1:30pm



 $175 per 10-week session (cost includes materials fee)

If you are interested in registering your child for TCP's Parent/Toddler Program or would like more information, please click the "Let's Talk" button below and a Membership parent will contact you as soon as possible.

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