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"As an educator and a psychologist, I am consistently impressed with TCP’s dynamic learning environment. Children thrive at TCP, supported by a passionate director and "working" parents who foster the development of inquisitive, confident, and self-reliant learners. At TCP, creativity is cherished, exploration is encouraged, and children fall in love with the joy of learning through exuberant play and developmentally appropriate interactions. More and more scientific findings point to the incredible power of early interactive experiences. It is common sense that our early childhood programs be designed to create a healthy, warm, safe, nurturing environment where community is paramount, and where children's interactions between classes are just as important as what happens during classes." 
Dr. Shirin Ansari
CEO and Founder, Center for Learning, Irvine
Child Psychologist and former School Psychologist, Irvine Unified School District
"I find the atmosphere in Tustin Community Preschool to be orchestrated by competent, child-oriented adults who are interested in the physical, psychological and educational development of each child. It is a fun place for a child to learn and grow."
Sandy Spurgeon McDaniel
Author and international speaker on parenting with 40 years in child development
"We loved every year at Tustin Community Preschool. My daughter's childhood has gone so fast, and I am thankful everyday that she got the opportunity to play and develop all aspects of herself at TCP. The developmental curriculum did not hurt her academically at all - she excels in reading and math and has since she started kindergarten. And the bond we established there as parent and child is priceless. I highly recommend TCP - your child will be happy and so will you."
Denise C.
TCP Parent Alumni
"We love this school! My son does the Parent and Me classes and absolutely loves it. He is 2 and every week when I tell him he has school, he is super excited. The teachers are awesome and supportive. We are super happy!"
Tessa B.
TCP Parent Alumni
"To say we gained a lot from our preschool experience at TCP would be an understatement. Our teacher and director Ms Shelley gave our son the best first school years of his life.  His kindergarten teacher has some pretty big shoes to fill. Not only did our son get to enjoy his early years and learn at his OWN pace, we gained the best families as our new close friends/family. Being a new mom I had no idea what to expect from a preschool.  We started at TCP in the parent toddler program (I was thinking that maybe we could meet a COUPLE parents and make a couple friends). Get him socialized. Right?  Well, our son has SO MANY friends, as do we as parents. I have gained the closest friendships here at TCP and I wouldn't give that up for the world. Watching our big boy get ready to move through the stepping stones of life and leave TCP is most definitely bittersweet. However, he was without a doubt set up for success by attending this school. TCP rocks!!!"
Stacey D.
TCP Parent Alumni
"My son and family had an amazing experience at TCP. With being my son's first exposure to "school" we couldn't have asked for a better transition from being at home. He loved his teacher, Miss Shelley and made so many friends. They hold monthly parent meetings that were very informative with helpful community resources."
Oz A.
TCP Parent Alumni
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