As an educator and a psychologist, I am consistently impressed with TCP’s dynamic learning environment. Children thrive at TCP, supported by a passionate director and "working" parents who foster the development of inquisitive, confident, and self-reliant learners. At TCP, creativity is cherished, exploration is encouraged, and children fall in love with the joy of learning through exuberant play and developmentally appropriate interactions. More and more scientific findings point to the incredible power of early interactive experiences. It is common sense that our early childhood programs be designed to create a healthy, warm, safe, nurturing environment where community is paramount, and where children's interactions between classes are just as important as what happens during classes.

Dr. Shirin Ansari
CEO and Founder, Center for Learning, Irvine
Child Psychologist and former School Psychologist, Irvine Unified School District

I find the atmosphere in Tustin Community Preschool to be orchestrated by competent, child-oriented adults who are interested in the physical, psychological and educational development of each child. It is a fun place for a child to learn and grow.

Sandy Spurgeon McDaniel
Author and international speaker on parenting with 40 years in child development

We loved every year at Tustin Community Preschool. My daughter's childhood has gone so fast, and I am thankful everyday that she got the opportunity to play and develop all aspects of herself at TCP. The developmental curriculum did not hurt her academically at all - she excels in reading and math and has since she started kindergarten. And the bond we established there as parent and child is priceless. I highly recommend TCP - your child will be happy and so will you.

Denise Canellos
TCP Parent Alumnus

TCP has been an amazing experience not only for our children, who deeply cherish their time there, but for us as parents. The co-op aspect of the school means that you will be very involved from the get-go and, therefore, will get to know so many other parents very well. The support and camaraderie of having dear friends with kids the same age(s) as your own children helps make the parenting journey even more special and the struggles more manageable. Additionally, being so involved with the actual operations of the school is such a great way to learn with your kids. It is incredibly satisfying to reap the benefits of all the hard work put in by the parents when you experience the special events and everyday fun at TCP.

And to parents who are concerned about having their children in a developmental preschool because of the perceived lack of academics, we point to our own children who are both thriving with reading, writing and math. We believe this is because we allow them to explore and discover at their own pace and because TCP helped facilitate their learning (and ours!) through sensory experiences, well-crafted opportunities for play and engaging social interaction with their peers and adults.

Chris and Lu Bauer
TCP Parent Alumni '09 - '13

My favorite is my daughter Bronwyn Hathaway's recent quote to her friend, fellow TCP alum, Sam Harrison, on a warm Saturday afternoon, "TCP, those were the best days of our lives." Too good!

Joan Hathaway
TCP Parent Alumnus

My fondest TCP memory is "digging channels and tunnels in the sand and running water through them.

Adam Key
TCP Alumnus '01 - '04

My fondest TCP memory is "learning to play with other kids for the first time!

Ellen Key
TCP Alumnus '99 - '01