Our Preschool Program

TCP offers 3 different preschool classes:

  • Tuesday/Thursday AM – 2 Day Class - $145 per month (for ten months)
  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday AM – 3 Day Class - $180 per month (for ten months)
  • Monday/Wednesday/Thursday PM – 3 Day Class - $180 per month (for ten months)

Extended Day Program available Tuesdays and Fridays from 11:30am-2pm.
Extended Day Fee - $10 per day, per child due at sign-up.

All children must be at least 2 years, 9 months of age in September (age 3 by the end of the calendar year) to enter preschool in the fall. Our three day morning class is reserved for children who have had at least one full year of preschool experience. Our two day morning class is open to younger children looking for an introductory experience. The three day afternoon class is a combination of ages and experiences and is often a good choice for siblings attending together.

For children who do not quite meet the age requirement, TCP offers a Parent/Toddler program, which is appropriate for children who will be at least 1 year, 9 months of age in September (age 2 by the end of the calendar year) to register for the fall.

TCP historically follows the Tustin Unified School District calendar with a ten-month school year beginning in September and ending in June. There is no summer program offered.

If you are interested in enrolling your child or have questions with regard to enrollment, please click here to be directed to the Contact Us page where you may send us a membership inquiry email, or call us at 714-544-2398.

Our Curriculum

Tustin Community Preschool is, first and foremost, a developmental preschool. Every
effort is made to provide children with a rich, stimulating and fun curriculum that helps
them to use their amazing brains and celebrate their childhood. Under the guidance of
our Director, our Curriculum Committee – often made up of member parents who are
highly experienced in early childhood education – works to provide children with
developmentally appropriate experiences that enable them to learn through play.
Children are encouraged to work with paint, glue, glitter and clay. They are given opportunities to dress-up, role-play, bond with classroom pets, and help to cook and prepare snacks and special celebratory "feasts." Field trips such as visits to the tide pools, post office and pumpkin patch are a few examples of TCP trips that our kids treasure. Special "signature" events and activities – many including the entire family – are offered throughout the year.

Our Teachers

At the foundation of TCP's program are our two veteran teachers, Ms Shelley Burnett (3 Day Classes) and Ms Christina Wilmer (2 Day Class & Parent/Toddler). Both Shelley and Christina share a passion for educating young children through nurturing, developmentally appropriate methods. Their enthusiasm and expert direction are a key element in our preschool's success – and the success of your child. Read more about them here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a typical day like at TCP?
Children begin their day participating and playing in various activities within the classroom. This may include our daily art experience, science activity, playing in the home-making center, helping to prepare food for snack time, enjoying our classroom pets, creating an independent masterpiece in our "free-art" area, role-playing with costumes, building with blocks, playing in the loft, and many other various activities.

After free play, the teacher leads "circle time" with songs and stories, and engages children to individually share with their peers. After circle time, children may choose to play inside the classroom, or they may go outside for easel painting, exploring sensory tables, riding various scooters and bikes, playing with a huge assortment of outside equipment, or participating in the daily "large motor skill" activity.

Throughout class time, the children are encouraged into smaller groups supervised and led by parent workers and the teacher, thus giving each child the opportunity to experience activities at their own pace.

The day concludes with story time and snack time.

What is the class-size at TCP?
Our preschool is licensed for up to 24 children in each class. There are always four parent workers participating with and assisting the teacher. Class capacity may be reduced at the discretion of school administration.

What is the tuition?
Please visit the Tuition & Obligations page.

What are the parent "work" obligations?
Because TCP is a co-op preschool, parents participate in the classroom approximately one day every other week for the 3 Day classes, and one day every three weeks for the 2 Day class. On your "work" day, you are expected to arrive 30 minutes early to help set up, and stay 30 minutes past class time to help clean up. Work days are generally scheduled on a monthly basis and consist of each parent being responsible for one area of the campus for that day (for example, being the "snack parent" or the "art parent."

In addition to helping in the classroom, parents take on another job to help keep the school running (remember, at a co-op preschool, nearly every aspect of the school runs on "parent power"). This "committee job" should take a minimum of an hour of your time per week, but may be more (or less) depending on the time of year and the needs of your specific position within the school. Examples include participating on our curriculum team or fundraising team, taking care of a specific area of the classroom, or acting as a class photographer. There are many jobs, and our Committee Coordinator will work closely with you and our director at the beginning of the school year to place you with a job that works with your schedule and talents.

For more information about parent obligations, please click here.

Can I bring siblings along with me when I work in the classroom?
Unfortunately, no. Our parents that are "working" will need both hands and should be focused on the children and activities at all times. This is mandated by State Licensing.

How does TCP handle allergies?
Mild allergies are acceptable. Food allergies are noted for each child and classroom parents are encouraged to provide snacks that cater to those with special needs. Parents of children with food allergies may, however, choose to provide their child's own snack or drink. Every effort is made to avoid any problem foods, however, parents should understand that because this is a co-op school and snack is provided by parents, this is not always a controlled environment.

Additionally, we do have various pets in and around the classroom and play area throughout the year including, but not limited to, rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks, birds, etc. Severe allergies to pets may be difficult to accommodate.

How does TCP handle children with special needs?
TCP is licensed to provide preschool to healthy children between the ages of 2 years, 9 months through 6 years, 11 months old. If you have specific questions with regard to your own child's needs, we encourage you to call and speak personally to our director who welcomes the opportunity to help you decide if TCP is the right environment for your child.

Does my child need to be potty-trained?
No. We recognize that potty training is not always developmentally appropriate for children starting out in preschool. Children in diapers and pull-ups are welcome, but it is to be noted that potty-training is not provided. For safety reasons, our teachers/director are the only ones who will help children who need changes.

How can I arrange a visit?
We would love the opportunity to show you what a fun and fabulous program we offer. Please fill out the form on the Contact Us page and the Membership team will respond as soon as possible.